Dioris Felix


"Life is about taking risks and about making mistakes on the way to better your strengths and weaknesses!" That’s what motivates me and helps me strive to success.
Born and raised in NYC , the city really is a part of me and it’s in my roots!! It's beautiful buildings and architectures is what inspired me to do real estate!
Coming from a professional musical background and also in high end sales, I have learned to really concentrate in both not only in the performing arts but also the business side of it as well, learning how to network has been a key essence to my career.
I love to take things positively and really give out my full energy when it comes to clients and their needs.
My vision is to use those same principles for people who are interested in apartments that they wish and desire to call “Home”!

My mission is to be reliable and bring joy to clients so that they can also share a great memory experience in achieving their homes.

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Fifth Avenue Office


184 Fifth Avenue
Third Floor
New York, NY 10010

Lexington Avenue Office


369 Lexington Avenue
Suite 1202
New York, NY 10017

West 36th Street Office


255 West 36th Street
Suite 406
New York, NY 10018